The top 10 Free Agents of 2017

Every off season, players’ contracts run out. They then become free agents, able to be signed by other teams. Here are the top ten of this off season.

1. Kevin Durant, Warriors

Arguably the second best player on the planet, Durant is sure to get a big payday. He averaged 25.1 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 4.8 assists a game on a team with four future hall of gamers in the starting lineup.

2. Steph Curry, Warriors

The two time MVP will all but certaintly command a max deal, paying him 50 plus million a year. The Warriors will be challenged to keep both of these stars.

3. Chris Paul, Clippers

Paul is 31, but by all means still all world. He may as well command a max deal.

4. Blake Griffin, Clippers

Despite being injury prone, he is extremely talented and has seriously improved his all round game in the last few years. Still a star.

5. Kyle Lowry, Raptors

Established himself as an all-NBA player and an all world point guard. He’s 31 and supposedly looking for a max contract.

6. Gordon Hayward, Jazz

His contract cost him money. Didn’t make an all-NBA team, so he can’t get a max contract. Next stop: Boston.

7. Serge Ibaka, Raptors

Picked up midseason and was worth the price. The big man is an elite rim protector who’s shot stretches beyond the three point line (39.1%).

8. Paul Millsap, Hawks

The Big man had another good year. He’s Atlanta’s to lose.

9. J.J Redick, Clippers

The third Clipper on this list is the least distinguished, but in a league becoming more and more three oriented, he is extremely valuable.

10. Danilo Gallianari, Nuggets

A big forward with Increadible range. Very valuable these days. Will likely land a big deal.


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