The 2017 Playoffs

Who will win the Larry O’Brian trophy? The Warriors, the Spurs, and the Cavaliers have all made it to the eastern and western conference finals, respectively. The Celtics and Wizards are also fighting or a spot. The first game of the Warriors Spurs series is Sunday, May 14. Will Steph Curry and the Warriors outlast Lamarcus Aldridge’s Spurs? Only time will tell. With Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker injured, Vegas has the Warriors odds at -1000, compared to the Spurs’ +650. The Warriors have an 80% chance of winning the title. The Spurs have 12%. Needless to say, odds are the Warriors will win. Game 7 of the Celtics Wizards series is Monday, May 15. Isaiah Thomas exploded for 53 points in game 2, and has averaged 27.2 points per game in the series. Can he explode once again at home? Or will John Wall lead the Wizards to their first conference final since 1979? Once again, only time will tell. Although many think the Warriors will win it all, you never know with the playoffs. It holds many surprises.


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