Why Top Recruits Should Go To College For a year, Not Overseas


Every year, there are new high school seniors. Some play for their school varsity basketball team. In the U.S, those players are nationally ranked online by experts. If you’re good enough, you might be able to play professionally in the NBA one day. One big decision though, could change that. There is a rule saying that every high school player has to play basketball for at least one year after high school before going to the NBA. After every top recruit in the US graduates, they have a decision whether to go to college for a year before the NBA, or to play overseas for a year. I think the top recruits in the US (or in Canada, for example RJ Barrett, who is ranked number one in his class and next year is going to college) should go to college. First of all, although if you go overseas you do get paid quite a bit right away, top recruits will most certainly be making millions a year in the NBA a year later anyway. There is a risk of getting hurt, but there is just as much risk overseas. Even the smallest rookie contracts are huge, huge money. Secondly, if you go to college you get a free education, where as you don’t get that if you go overseas. If you do get hurt or you just play terribly, you always have an education to fall back on. My big issue is this though. If you go play overseas, you are giving up a free education and are all in on basketball. But if you play overseas, your draft stock goes way down, as scouts don’t see you play as often and are hesitant. Why go all in on basketball while driving your draft stock down, just to get some extra money. I can see the argument, I personally just don’t agree with it. If you go to college, you get a free education, while also having a better chance of making it to the NBA. That’s just a win win, right? For example, ‘6 6’’ Canadian superstar high school player RJ Barrett committed to play for Duke University, North Carolina, next year for more than just basketball. Duke has many perks for after his career. Just the fact that he went to Duke will help his resume. Also, if he wants to go into broadcasting, Jay Williams, a former Duke superstar and successful analyst, can help him out. Danny Ferry and Billy King, successful NBA team front office people who played for Duke, can help him out as well. Finally, if he wanted to know about NBA team ownership, Grant Hill could help him out there. What I’m saying is that a college education makes a huge, huge difference. Finally, the experience of college, as well as how almost every single top recruit goes to college. Many NBA as well as college players talk about the magic of the college “experience”. Just to experience that sounds incredible. But more importantly, almost every single top recruit goes to college. Only three in recent memory have been somewhat successful, but their ranking drop off was still there. Emmanuel Mudiay, Brandon Jennings, and Terrance Ferguson. Mudiay went from 5th in high school to 7th in the NBA draft. Jennings went from number 1 in high school to 10th in the draft. Ferguson went from 11th in high school to 21st in the NBA draft. This is terrible compared to all the top recruits who went to college and were high picks. Every year, top high school basketball recruits go to college instead of overseas, for good reason.


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